What... is the Airspeed Velocity of an Unladen Swallow?

The account request procedure on DeepThought asks the applicant several questions ("What is your name?", etc.) For its amusement value, it was suggested to me that I throw in the swallow question from the movie Monty Python and the Holy Grail. The question appears amidst those related to account creation, without any context shift, so I expected it be somewhat jarring and had no idea what sort of responses I would get. As it turns out, most of those who bother to enter anything either recognize the question or attempt to come up with a suitably silly answer. Jonathan Corum has attempted to actually estimate the answer to this question.

Below are the responses received from August 1993 through November 2005, ranked by the number of times each was given. The capitalization and punctuation is that of the first version of each response that was received. There were 4233 non-empty responses during this period; only those that consisted of at least three words are included here.

736 African, or European?
 76 European or African?
 68 I don't know
 24 what do you mean ? african or european?
 24 english or african?
 23 african or european swallow?
 22 African or American?
 14 What do you mean? An African or European swallow?
 13 what kind of swallow?
 12 what? African or european?
 12 I don't know that!
 12 african or Europian?
 11 An African or European swallow?
 10 i have no idea
  9 speed of light
  9 American or European?
  8 An African or a European swallow?
  8 what do you mean, African or European Swallow?
  7 north or south?
  7 An african Swallow or a European Swallow?
  7 What do you mean, an African or a European swallow?
  6 African or domestic?
  6 african? or english?
  5 the speed of light
  5 African or europen?
  5 Is that an african swallow?
  5 is that an african or european swallow?
  5 African of European
  4 European or African Swallow
  4 african or south american?
  4 is it an african swallow
  4 European or American?
  4 European or asian?
  4 Africian or European?
  4 Is that an African or a European swallow?
  4 asian or african?
  4 An African Swallow?
  4 is that african or european
  3 300 000 km
  3 an african or european
  3 how should i know
  3 Which KIND of swallow?
  3 Laden or unladen
  3 English or Egyptian?
  3 Faster than a speeding bullet.
  3 African or Euorpean?
  3 I have no clue
  3 faster than me
  3 Im not sure
  3 is it african or european?
  3 english, or french
  3 Faster than a Laden Swallow
  3 african or asian
  3 Europian or African?
  3 African or Australian?
  2 An african or english swallow
  2 30 miles per hour
  2 whats a swallow?
  2 with or without wings?
  2 Not a clue
  2 more than a laden swallow
  2 What do you mean, an African or a Europeon swallow.
  2 is this a trick question?
  2 wish i knew
  2 i love this game
  2 Is that an african or european?
  2 european or africian?
  2 Depends on the species...
  2 what, an african or european swallow?
  2 Do you mean african or european?
  2 hell, i dont know
  2 what? I don't know that!
  2 African or North American?
  2 have no idea
  2 as fast as it can fly
  2 faster than you would imagine
  2 ask someone who cares
  2 32' per sec^2
  2 A European or African Swallow?
  2 really damn fast
  2 about 15 sec
  2 Speed of light squared
  2 as fast as it can go and no faster
  2 Is that European or African?
  2 african variety or english variety?
  2 American or African?
  2 north or south american?
  2 Hell if I know
  2 european or east african?
  2 pretty damn fast
  2 24 miles per hour
  2 Euoropean or domestic?
  2 blue, no red
  2 Ask Mr. Phython.
  2 African or European? :)
  2 african or indian?
  2 wouldn't you like to know
  2 10 miles per hour
  2 aferican or european
  2 35 miles per hour
  2 beats the hell out of me
  2 you tell me!
  2 African or Europeon?
  2 i love you!
  2 Afican or European?
  2 male or female?
  2 Fuck if I know!
  2 heck if I know
  1 As swift as the joyous heart of the Happy Prince in letting it soar.
  1 could care less
  1 forgot, missed the show
  1 What color is the swallow?
  1 chinese or Bermudan?
  1 faster Than ONe Carrying bricks
  1 habitat slows them down
  1 1.25 per second
  1 africa or european?
  1 Depends how hard she spits
  1 6 6 6
  1 What is the airspeed with a coconut
  1 would that be an african or european swallo?
  1 the northern or southern?
  1 Is it a Western Swallow?
  1 blow da fukka up wit my .45
  1 Does the Pope shit in the woods?
  1 3.00002 Cm Per Second Times the Barometric Pressure divided by Air Resistance
  1 Against the wind or not.
  1 African or Europeon swallow?
  1 From "Ornithology" by Frank B. Gil the average speed douring migration is 40 km per hour.
  1 My heart was so full that I could hardly speak to to W. when I gave him a farewell kiss. I sate a long time upon a stone at the margin of the lake, and after a flood of tears my heart was easier
  1 is that a european swallow, or an african swallow ?
  1 Depends-European or African swallow?
  1 African or Eurpian
  1 would that be a African or European swallow?
  1 Heck if I know. :)
  1 I don't know that!...Auuughhh!
  1 ahhh! monty py!
  1 What about its waterspeed velocity? You ever think about that?
  1 I'd like to answer, to show I'm in the know, but I can show I'm even _more_ in the know by answering that I don't what my answer recorded on your page o' answers. But what fun is that? ...screw it. "African or European?"
  1 african or euorpian
  1 What??? Oh'! 5/
  1 it's a bitch!
  1 chaos is eternal peace is onlyt temperalry
  1 what?! I don't know THAT! AAAAAAAAAAARGH!
  1 20 knots, depending on wind
  1 Ask a swallowologist or something
  1 2.9 m/s squared
  1 eh African or European?
  1 as quick as it can
  1 with or with out BB's?
  1 I wouldn't know that! My kid watches THAT movie!
  1 as fast as it can fly unladen?
  1 I like MP too...
  1 33 1/3 MPH
  1 much more than 2400 baud
  1 alive or dead?
  1 12" per sec.
  1 I'm not sure, but if I recall correctly, it's 18.6 mph mean, with a standard deviation of +/- 8.3 mph. Why do you ask -- is it a board requirement? Have I flunked the entrance exa
  1 "An Aferican Or an English Swallow"
  1 I hate monty python.
  1 5 times the sp eed of light divided by the gravitional pull of the sun and the
  1 uhh. I dunno..
  1 not as fast as me in free fall! :)
  1 umm..ask Montey Python
  1 Hahaha...Monty Python is cool.
  1 African or European? (everybody knows this one...)
  1 What do you mean, african or european? You have to know these things when you're King.
  1 whatever it pleases
  1 Get on stankin' down!
  1 An african or european swllow?
  1 3.0002 X bat wing swallows
  1 2x 56k -isp
  1 What is the airspeed velocity of an unladen swallow?I would guess about 25mph.
  1 see the holy grail
  1 A King's Gotta know these things...
  1 that bird needs a mate
  1 I don't study birdology
  1 I'm not realy sure abot tut that
  1 I have problems of my own to deal with.
  1 this is a joke !!
  1 since an unladen
  1 will find out if you must
  1 25 miles per hours
  1 heck of a lot faster than my poor neurons
  1 2lightyears per second
  1 eat my shorts
  1 is the air polluted
  1 trick q no fair
  1 European Swallow or African Swallo?
  1 Who Knows? Who Cares?
  1 not as fast as q's ass is gonna be flyin after i beat her letters score!
  1 What kind? African oreuropean?
  1 African or Central American?
  1 northern or southern?
  1 englis or african
  1 uhh... Yellow! Arrgh...
  1 Isn't a swallow a bird?
  1 i didn't even know they existed.
  1 ask the Republicans
  1 wha?, 'ey dun no dat... (AAAAHHHHHGGGG)
  1 1/2 a coconut
  1 it's overrated, in any case
  1 Faster than a snail, slower than a vinopal in heat
  1 That depends; an african swallow or a european swallow?
  1 any where from 10-25 MPH?
  1 English of African?
  1 constant speed plus fart speed
  1 10 m/s northeast
  1 I'll tell ya one thing.. Its alot faster than an elephants. ( air speed velocity that it )
  1 read on www.armory.com
  1 little tiny pebbles
  1 this is a joke
  1 faster than if it's carrying a coconut
  1 havent seen movie in a while
  1 Well, you have to know these things when you're a king, you know.
  1 300 000 kms
  1 32 feet per second squared
  1 well, you know, I used to know that...
  1 34 to the -2 power
  1 African or Europeen?
  1 35 mph forward
  1 however, it died, and i cannot remember the password
  1 East African or European?
  1 that depends whether it's african or european, silly!
  1 with or without the coconut?
  1 A European swallow or African swallow?
  1 28.8, maybe? If v=d/t then unladen swallow velocity= here/there.
  1 how do you expect me to know that?
  1 he says what kind?
  1 depends on the air temp
  1 is their friction?
  1 30 miles per hours
  1 same as that of a laden swallow
  1 ha ha ha
  1 what is it?
  1 african or eauropean?
  1 70 mph in shallow dive.
  1 Is it headed for a possible mating?
  1 just what it is!
  1 i dont know :-)
  1 eurpean or african?
  1 Monty Python, nice.
  1 pretty fast i would guess
  1 32 miles an hour
  1 a belgian swallow, or an indian swallow?
  1 I've no idea
  1 tropical or european?
  1 is it a british swallow?
  1 How the Fuck Should I know, who do I look like, King Arthur?
  1 it depends on te coconut
  1 faster than snail mail
  1 Blue no Red....Ahhhh!
  1 european or north african?
  1 it depends on how big its beak is and how much water it can swallow
  1 ds if its beer or not
  1 is this monty pothyon ?
  1 Europeean or African?
  1 Swallow? I thought we only had to swallow on "Deep Throat"! Isn't this "Deep Thought"?
  1 ? faster than a laden swallow ?
  1 299 000 km
  1 Enough to keep it airborne
  1 oh no not physics!
  1 ask monty to ask brian, ya know?
  1 English or Australan?
  1 i have no idea, i'm 16...
  1 What Do you mean? An Africian or European swollow?
  1 An american swallow or an Austrian swallow. What
  1 I haven't taken Botany in quite a few years!
  1 faster than yer grandma
  1 43 beats pet minute
  1 Slower than a bullet
  1 uh huh huc@y?h
  1 'bout 60 mph
  1 Pretty darned fast
  1 Less than a laden swallow.
  1 Depends on how hungry
  1 Depending on the gravitational effects of the centripetal force created by the antiflux of the moon's orbit patterns, and on the complex proteins injested by said swallow prior to, or during, but not after, inital flight movements, the airspeed velocity m
  1 depends upon the humidity
  1 Ask Monty Python
  1 as fast as a toucan
  1 About as fast as I can SWALLOW
  1 Africa or Europe
  1 What, is your favorite colour? I don't know! Arrgh!
  1 need other variables
  1 an african one??
  1 143.4mph, if European
  1 Ummm, I Dunno,,, Waaahhhhh!
  1 300 00 km
  1 heh does anyone ever answer this question correctly?
  1 depends on fast you ripp the hook outta it's mouth !!
  1 I dunno I have never swallowed.
  1 ...about as fast as a coconut.
  1 54 miles per second
  1 Slower than my modem
  1 an English swallow or an African swallow?
  1 23 to 25 mph
  1 Much faster than my dialup connection
  1 Approximately 40 feet per second.
  1 Now that's a crazy question.
  1 4meters per second
  1 Slower than a greased gulp.
  1 fast as a lightning
  1 uhh..uh huh huh huh huh...burritos?
  1 i don't know, eh. ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!
  1 w? What do you mean, an African or European swallow?
  1 give us a shubbery
  1 I.. I dthe african or european?
  1 the average cruising airspeed velocity of an unladen EUROPEAN swallow is roughly 11 meters per second or 24mph!
  1 hummm... Monty python..
  1 It is all relative.
  1 to be or not to be?
  1 What, European or African swallow?
  1 faster than a severed limb (Holy Grail)
  1 I don't know, but I could get my video copy of Monty Python.
  1 Less than 0.3 M, I would assume, since the hollow bones of an bird would be unable to withstand any ocmpressibility effects.
  1 hehe too much monty python eh?
  1 Which species of shallow?
  1 I don't know that! AAAH!
  1 Wot do you mean! An African or English swalloW? welll, i dunno...
  1 Depends if it is an American or an English Swallow : )
  1 African or Eupean
  1 Depends on wind varations
  1 slow in comparisson to that of an unladen f-16
  1 whats the headwind?
  1 Would that be a Europeon swallow or African swallow?
  1 a euorpean or african?
  1 It depends. Is this an African swallow?
  1 50 ft per second
  1 ask Mr. Wizard's World
  1 would that be an African swallow, or the North American variety?
  1 Watch Monty Python and the Hly Grail!!
  1 Who knows? They use the teleporter.
  1 do i need to answer?
  1 WHAT? African or Europen
  1 62 miles per hour
  1 ask an ornithologist
  1 Faster than a speeding Kenshin
  1 slow enough to make a
  1 too fast to tell
  1 what do you mean, african or eurpoean?
  1 I give up
  1 Depends if it was dead or not.
  1 can't remember, darn it.
  1 While, yes, 42 is the universal answer to everything I'd still have to say 73 mph
  1 European or Vogonean?
  1 PLOCEIDAE? African or Amarican?
  1 1 idiot doesnt know what to say
  1 I like the way your shoes smell
  1 {?BLis there a tail wind
  1 that depends...is it an african or european swallow?
  1 What are you smoking, and why aren't you sharing?
  1 66 2/3 kph
  1 I don't know :) <-MontyP!
  1 faster than a toucan
  1 ... so she can receive email, as an interim measure until she gets a local ISP, and to have a forwarding address to give AOL when she quits. Hope that's OK. The account will get little, if any use.
  1 299 000 kmh
  1 Depends on whether theyve been laid.
  1 was that a African or european swallow
  1 not the same as an african swallow.
  1 What do you mean? An African or a Eropeon swallow?
  1 hmm *scratches head*
  1 5 g's per second
  1 Never seen one...don't know
  1 to get to the other side?
  1 0 meters per second
  1 Norwegian or African?
  1 an African swallo or a European swallo?
  1 i'll look it up
  1 I dont know...sorry.
  1 No Monty Python please!
  1 What do you mean? African or Europeon swallow?
  1 african or eureopean
  1 "!I don't know! WAAAk!"
  1 faster than I could fly
  1 red or blue?
  1 Several thousand microns per second.
  1 african of american
  1 too damn slow
  1 2km / hr heh
  1 In which country?
  1 43 flasp a minute
  1 a an African or European swallow?
  1 Too much Monty Python....
  1 you mean you don't know
  1 i, i don't know that
  1 Before or after it's hit by a Sidewinder?
  1 3.443 MPH unless mars is alligned with earth, the 3.432
  1 sorry, I'm not a birdologist
  1 african swallows are non migratory
  1 a e european or african?
  1 Afro or Euro?
  1 5 miles per second
  1 21 mph in migration season
  1 i haven't heard that question since I was 16...
  1 what! i don't know that1
  1 Is that an american or african swallow?
  1 too damned fast
  1 Afracian or Eurpean?
  1 Hmm, can I think about it?
  1 Fall in Paris
  1 depends if its african or european, silly!
  1 if i understood unladen well enough, then its about 70 miles an hour(approx)
  1 an african or an austrailian?
  1 Diving or soaring?
  1 just let me talk to the sysop
  1 it depends on the direction
  1 What kind of Swallow Dear Monte?
  1 Hmmm, an African or European swallow?
  1 African or ... wait a minute. That's not relevant!
  1 depends on how hard you throw it
  1 that depends on season
  1 40 feet per second per second
  1 95mph +/- 1 light year
  1 do you mean european or african?
  1 what the hell?
  1 125 centimeters per hour
  1 It depends whether its an white or a black one
  1 It depends on what you are swallowing.
  1 uhhh, I dunno..
  1 plus poopie jelly brains
  1 Africxan or European?
  1 the same as 9000 pink pingpong balls x 3 pregnant chickens
  1 bring out your dead
  1 eastern or american (I hate bad memories)
  1 depends on what it's eaten for breakfast
  1 be more spesific
  1 see, i could be like the crowd here and just put "african or european", but i really don't feel like going along with those good old folks tonight so i'll just say "froody"
  1 zippi da do DA
  1 i don't know thaaaaaaa
  1 nih! bring me a shrubbery!
  1 The hairspeed pomposity of a young lady's swallow? That depends on whether she spits or swallows...
  1 75 flaps per beak
  1 eh? uhh 100.2
  1 57.6k BPS over normal lines
  1 hmmmm... i don't know
  1 I'm not a big Monty Python fan...:)
  1 god who cares, but is it a bird?
  1 is this like a monty python question?
  1 22 wingbeats per second
  1 A european or an African swallow?
  1 Freaking or Peeing?
  1 I dunno, but it makes a nice dent in the windshield when it hits...;-)
  1 Do you mean an African or european swallow?
  1 african or europion?
  1 A european or africal swallow?
  1 oy! vhat a question!
  1 African or European? The real question here is, What is the airspeed velocity of a LADEN swallow. Then maybe the real snwer to this perplexing question could be brought to justise.
  1 blue if your in front, red if your behind... ( i did *not* spend a long time on my answer!)
  1 Approx. 55 mph
  1 depends how high it was when it was shot
  1 Is that the African or European variety?
  1 Are you talking about a European
  1 We don't have swallows here.
  1 Japanese, or Swahili?
  1 swalllowsss do not exist in my world
  1 faster than I could run
  1 162 mm per second
  1 Which, and african or europeon swallow?
  1 Ummm...how about 12 knots per minuite ?
  1 more than that of a laden one
  1 1400 ft. p/sec
  1 What do you mean? African of European?
  1 I don't know that. ARRRRRGGGHHH!
  1 The square root of the function of the velocity with which the shit hits the fan
  1 north american or where?
  1 a european swallow?
  1 Amazonian or European?
  1 Monty Python again??
  1 *See Funny British Movie
  1 I'm too young to know that.
  1 African swallow, or European swallow?
  1 an african or an asian?
  1 african or euopean
  1 12 kilovector at a milisecond
  1 like i care
  1 Faster than an unladen snail.
  1 is that an african swallow or a europeuropean swallow?
  1 69 all the way baby!
  1 I swallowed the sallow
  1 dont know get the machinee that goes bing
  1 I think around 100mph
  1 109871234987 miles a nanosecond
  1 Is it an African or a European swallow? I don't know! Arrgh!
  1 African or Europen Swallow?
  1 69 meters per second.
  1 would that be an English swallow or an African swallow?
  1 Don't know, I only swallow the laden
  1 foreign or domestic?
  1 Exquezze me? Baking Powder?
  1 Interesting. I don't know but know where to find out.
  1 depends on if it's dead or not.
  1 As fast as it wants to be,
  1 Do Not AMonty Make Satan Angry
  1 Need more info, I need to know the weight of the swallow as well as its altitude to calculate its velocity.
  1 What the hell are you talkin' about?
  1 an english swallow or a barn swallow?
  1 Nf you asked for the bandwidth of an unladen swallow, I would tell you.
  1 It's only a flesh wound!
  1 Same as a European swallow?
  1 as fast as fast
  1 3* the speed of the wind minus the friction factor:)
  1 as fast as it wantsa
  1 afrifan or european?
  1 african or that other one?
  1 shit I forgot :)
  1 monty is cool
  1 Depends which kind of swallow!! African or European!!
  1 is that an african or europian swallow
  1 European, African, or Capistrano?
  1 yah, yah, yah
  1 Ummm.... pretty fast, i guess
  1 Don't ask me
  1 it depends on what it had for breakfast
  1 African, or European? Or both?
  1 ask a swallow
  1 An African or a European?
  1 Tis, tis, tis.
  1 i don't know that! aaaaiii!
  1 WhA?X?at? African or European?
  1 which do you mean?
  1 nearly that of a dove
  1 er... I didn't know there would be story problems...
  1 african or you're a peein'
  1 bless you my son
  1 at least 30mps
  1 approximately 68 mph
  1 a laden sparrow, but faster.
  1 is unladen a dead sparrow?
  1 Sorry, don't know that one.
  1 C (always pick c)
  1 how the frick do i know?
  1 Depends on whether it's from Africa or Europe!
  1 What do you mean, an African swallw or a European swallow?
  1 In a dive 57.5kts at 29.92
  1 however fast the black sea carries it.
  1 african or eurpoen
  1 "It depends. Has the unladen swallow been fixed, burned, singed, maimed, bruised, reemed, stalked, killed, clothed, slapped, or any other damaging action? If so, we have the support group for you."
  1 african south american?
  1 Depends on the size of is coconuts.
  1 69 centimeters per unit of time specified
  1 Oh, bugger off you silly twit!
  1 Arfican or european?
  1 depends on what they carry.
  1 Don't have a clue
  1 is that a european or african swallon?
  1 martian or venusian?
  1 None shall pass
  1 African? No, I knew I should have followed that link on your homepage.
  1 why didn't it get laid yet?
  1 self projected or fired from a cannon?
  1 is that a European or African swallow?
  1 Go Beavis, Go!
  1 monty python, what kind of swallow?
  1 Approximately 32 MPH
  1 not more then u
  1 i've seen the movie.. forgot the answer
  1 eastern or western
  1 an african migratory swallow?...it all depends on the swallow....
  1 Is this monty-pythonish?
  1 I am Shicken!!!!!!!
  1 "An African, or an European Sw.?"
  1 (help me, I forgot my first login)
  1 Is it a slow swallow, or a fast swallow?
  1 I don't know...haven't asdked a swallow
  1 northbound or southbound?
  1 Depends on how fast it wants to go.
  1 i do now know
  1 ill tell you if you promise to give head
  1 not this again
  1 gimme a break
  1 African or European/www.style.org/unladenswallow/
  1 That depends on whether or not it is an African swallow.
  1 As far as i know, I did nothing special the last time I used it, so I don't kmnow why it would be messed up. I haven't been able to log in since the 12th.
  1 Let me find my MONTY PYTHON script.
  1 north of south?
  1 I don't know that ahhhh.
  1 Urp. Thats mighty fast...
  1 Long Live Monty Python
  1 would that be and Engl
  1 faster than a speeding bul
  1 English or Friench
  1 Not enough to migrate with a cocoanut - unless there are two of them, of course
  1 African? European? And where is the coconut?
  1 it depends on how hard you threw it
  1 umm i'm not sure pretty fast?
  1 in what winds?
  1 twice as fast as a laden swallow.
  1 I don't know... [whizzzz]
  1 faster than your wit
  1 "uh, uh, uh. . . I don't know!"
  1 African or demestic?
  1 african or europien?
  1 I will go to college
  1 They fly? Hmmm.
  1 what do you mean, african or english
  1 The Speed of Light Squared
  1 What do you mean? An African or European swallow? by Arthur
  1 60 miles per hour
  1 ahem..i m not so good in English,sorry..:(
  1 my favorite color is blue.
  1 Er...African or European?
  1 did you hear the one about the Rabbi and the gay guy?
  1 "8 days a week"
  1 13.6 miles per hour
  1 Depends on the size of the esophagus.
  1 I swallowed my cat
  1 and english or african swallow?
  1 Dunno. I don't swallow.
  1 faster than me in the air..
  1 unladen swallows can't fly
  1 an african swallow or a european one?
  1 about 10 seconds
  1 I dunno, I shot it.
  1 Just short of the sound barrier, if the wings are pinned back and a sufficient wad is used between the charge and the swallow. If more charge is used, however, the swallow will compress unacceptably and tumble upon leaving the barrel, slowing considerably
  1 is that a male or femal swallow?
  1 what color is...
  1 is it legal to ask that?
  1 Is that an African or a European swallow? Wha', wha' I don't know _that_. AHHHHHHHHH! Hmph! How do you know so much about swallows? Hmm.. you hae to know they sort of things if you're a king!
  1 Before or after I shot it?
  1 asian or african ?
  1 approx 5.314 knots...
  1 How the heck should I know? If you really want to know, look it up in the dictionary!!!!
  1 african, or Eupoean?
  1 european or african, bud
  1 i shouldnt say
  1 spring in Moscow
  1 Higher than that of a laden one.
  1 faster then a speeding bullet
  1 about as fast as A.O.L my old int. service.
  1 I don't know precisely, but it must be faster than that of one carrying a coconut!
  1 african or eurpean swallow
  1 D=M/V but I do not know the density or mass, unfortunately, therefore cannot compute.
  1 i don't know the anserw
  1 like elephants and ants on seasaws
  1 "Your arm's off! No it isn't!" err, wait... "What? An African or European Swallow? I don't know... auuuuuugggghhhh!"
  1 *splat* times the exponent of the air
  1 Ummm....not very fast
  1 The Me-262's maximum speed at 20,000 ft is 540 mph.
  1 Sorry, don't really watch Monty Python movies.
  1 blue! no, red! ah, err, i mean...
  1 Forwards or Backwards?
  1 European or Asian Blue throat?
  1 I don't know. Ahhh!!!!
  1 the same as a laden crow
  1 thats a very good question.
  1 red, no blue
  1 Quite Fast... I dunno..
  1 a moment's notice
  1 about that fast
  1 an african or european swal
  1 45 african, 40 european
  1 normal or african?
  1 I dunno. What is the airspeed?
  1 eourpeon or african
  1 it depends on the swallow's mood
  1 Indonesian or Mexican?
  1 European or African sw
  1 African or Eurpoean?
  1 who wants to know
  1 Not great enough to escape that of a diving falcon.
  1 Fetch me a shrubbery and I shall tell you
  1 I don't know....AIEEEEEEEE!
  1 Austrailian or Norwegian?
  1 Infinity to the power of 8
  1 monty pythan jokes :) ehehehe
  1 How would I know AAAAAaaa!
  1 depends on the coconuts it isnt' carrying
  1 African or European? I don't know that!
  1 Usually about 47.5 mph. Unless it is obese, then I would have to say 34.25 mph.
  1 I said I wasa a geek, but not THAT geeky;) Will the shell time me out while I head down to the Monty Python section of the local video store?
  1 the same as a F-14
  1 depends on what you are trying to swallow.
  1 is that a european swallow or an African swallow?
  1 Northern or European
  1 only yer momma would know this !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  1 Would that be a european or African swallow?
  1 they dont fly
  1 32km per hour
  1 what isn't it laden with?
  1 Fast-until it hits window
  1 an african or a europeian
  1 slightly slower twas a hummingbird
  1 Europen or African
  1 'Very Small Rocks??'
  1 What kind of swallow, exactly?
  1 faster than I can run
  1 European of African?
  1 varies on the type of swallow
  1 Why dont you ask the swallow?
  1 Before or after it is laden from my shot gun?
  1 in the summer or the winter?
  1 blue, no red, red!!
  1 and african or english swallow?
  1 Is it carrying a coconut?
  1 WeWell, faster than a wheelbarrow
  1 75 mph est
  1 bahaha, I have no idea
  1 3.1mph (depending on wind varations)
  1 Uh, like, 50 mph?
  1 the same as a European swallow of course
  1 1/2 mile per hour
  1 Well, this is an interesting phenomenon. An unladen swallow is, by definition one which travels down the esophagus unencumbered by food. Ipso fatso, a laden swallow is one which is permeated with masticated food particlitational effects--beep-can't finish
  1 spring in St.Petersburg
  1 depends on the atmospheric density ;-)
  1 Too fast to determine
  1 I don't know *aaarrrrrggghh*
  1 on what planet?
  1 is this an African swallow?
  1 faster than the slug...
  1 i don't know may be you can tell me.
  1 Well, would that be an African orEuropean swollow?
  1 only brian and afew other folk really know.
  1 'at would dep'nd if 'twere un Ahfricun or uh Yourapeeen swallo'.
  1 I'm a blonde...you can't expect me to know these things!!
  1 43 times every second, right? An African swallow, maybe, but not an European swallow...
  1 depends what kind of swallow
  1 t was a joke. Wow. I'm impressed :)Well, what do you mean? African, or European.
  1 what type of swallow?
  1 wet or dry feathers
  1 Is that an African Swallow or a European swallow?
  1 My girlfriend spits.
  1 I don't know that! Whaaaaaaaaahhhhhhh...
  1 would that be an african or european swallow?
  1 1.5983542 unless it has diarehhea then its 1.32954
  1 ask armory.com its there! try to trick me...
  1 Come to school and we'll teach you.
  1 420freckels past a hair per hour
  1 as I said before Who wants to know
  1 This is a very difficult question to answer. It mainly depends on the number of clementines consumed daily. If you take the fourth root of that number, then multiply by pi (3.1415926535897...) you will come up with a close approximation.
  1 I've never seen Monty Python and The Holy Grail...
  1 don't you know?
  1 I don't remember! agghhh!!
  1 Enlish or African
  1 european or african ?
  1 slower than light
  1 who gives a fuck
  1 affrican or european?
  1 6340 nanoparsecs per fortnight
  1 20 knots per 45 cubic units
  1 The airspeed of an unladen swallow is the velocity of a swallow that is not ladened
  1 63.7 fps nominal
  1 whatever john says it is :)
  1 Blue swallow or Antarct1c swallow?
  1 two chickens and a side of fries
  1 What do you mean, and African or European Swallow?
  1 Do you meam a Northern Spotted Swallow or a Anarct1can Swallow?
  1 an african or euroropean swllw
  1 I fart in your general direction
  1 uh 1.2 mph
  1 about 75 khz
  1 a european one or an african one?
  1 depends on what it was laden with
  1 Is it an african or european swallow?
  1 african or eastern?
  1 What kind of swallow? Cliff or Barn?
  1 Uhhhhh, I don't know
  1 poor bird hasn't gotton laid yet
  1 as fast as it goes and no faster
  1 african or euopean ?
  1 Depends on the length of the
  1 10 meters per second
  1 faster than a 2400 baud modem
  1 slightly more than Elvis
  1 african or austrailian?
  1 how the hell would I know?
  1 British or American?
  1 i don't no.
  1 Super dooper fast
  1 not fast enough
  1 Only the Oracle knows for sure
  1 pretty fast, I'd imagine.
  1 Do I look like a swallow?
  1 depends on the variety of swallow.
  1 who gives a flying... except for ornithologists
  1 african, or america?
  1 As a bird flies or as a tank swims?
  1 Would that be an African or a European swallow?
  1 i choked it up...
  1 North American or South
  1 I have no clue at all.
  1 depends on altitude, humidity, level of feeding, etc.
  1 What kind of swallow? An African or a European?
  1 3cm per second
  1 othesis of detachable $%$#% 's. <--place bad word here
  1 its always darkest before you step on the cat
  1 i don't know, Ford.
  1 that depends...um...coconuts...err....on Sir Not-Appearing-In-This-Film.
  1 out what the problem is, plor tell me why there's a problem, please do. -- Dirk Pellett, dlp@armory.com
  1 divisable by 7
  1 Eize? Afrikanit o' Amerikanit?
  1 damned if i know
  1 approx. 30 m/ph
  1 an african or europian swallow???
  1 An african or European swallow? Well I, um...I don't know. Arrgh!
  1 How should I know tha...AaAAAaaieee...
  1 europeann or north african?
  1 Who gives a crap
  1 south american or north?
  1 As far as I can throw it
  1 this is not my area of expertise :)
  1 Depends if its an African swallow
  1 aftrican or european
  1 it is a lame duck that flies to the sound of a barking arrow.
  1 What do you mean? Is that an African or European Swallow?
  1 I don't know the secret password
  1 I dunno (aaaaaaaaaargh!)
  1 greater than that of a Python, laden or unladen
  1 african or japaneese
  1 american or austrellian
  1 Uhhhh, is this if it's flying, or if it's being thrown from a car window? -==-
  1 200 tom of junk
  1 i don'tI'm not the king of England
  1 , after it hits a wall that is.
  1 I do not know
  1 Depends on how far hes fallin g
  1 watch Monty Python's search for the Holy Grail:)
  1 african or eurpeon
  1 Irrelevant, as SDI testing is no longer being carried out against coconut-delivery vehicles
  1 African or uropean
  1 an african or a europian
  1 Who created Urogue?
  1 I don't know. you tell me.
  1 Approx 5 miles per hour. :)
  1 uh... no clue.
  1 If the egg isn't lad, it's zero!
  1 Depends on how recently it's been tuned
  1 which? african or european swallow?
  1 327, i dont know
  1 how heavy is the swallow, hat material is it made from, where was it produced, and how many are there like it?
  1 Somewhere betwwen slow and awfully fast
  1 Swallow...? African or European? I don't know. Aaahhhhh!
  1 Blue. No, green....
  1 live or dead?
  1 african or earopean?
  1 15 miles per hour
  1 how would i know?
  1 email me the answer zs@altern.org ;)
  1 22Kph, depending on windspeed
  1 In a vacuum?
  1 200 nanoparsecs year
  1 What do you mean an african swallow or an european swallow?
  1 1.00 USU (Unladen Swallow Units)
  1 Beware the Chipmunks!!
  1 depends on the girl
  1 I should ask Einstein about that.
  1 trash bags of nitrus
  1 Is that the European variety?
  1 1 Swallow in a time :)
  1 to do mail.
  1 Assuming it was just hit by a shotgun blast, 9.8 meters per second squared.
  1 i dint know
  1 the higher they fly the fewer
  1 cooked, or uncooked ?
  1 I don't know. AAIIHH!
  1 speed of liff
  1 with or against prevailing trade winds?
  1 huh? whats a swallow?
  1 who knows or who cares?
  1 Is that an African or an American one?
  1 Afican or South American
  1 ooohhhh that's funny john
  1 Damnit I forgot!
  1 as free as a flea on the wing
  1 African of Europien?
  1 none of your business.
  1 Ah, Monty Python fans? Well, if I can remember.......Afican or European?
  1 It depends wether it runs into a window or not
  1 Depends upon the weather, I would suppose...yep...yep...might rain..then again, maybe it won't...yep...
  1 Northern or Eastern?
  1 Only a birdbrain would crarere
  1 what type of swallow? an african or european swallow
  1 An African or Egyptian swallow?
  1 big enough.. ahh ?
  1 it goes down
  1 ooh.. everyone knows that.
  1 ask the potato king. he would know
  1 In the air or in the throat?
  1 If I knew, I'd tell you!
  1 16.234 Kilobytes per sec
  1 the Happy Prince knows
  1 What do you mean african or american swallow
  1 As much as a foot per second entering the esophygus, but considerably higher coming back out as a belch.
  1 approx. 113 m/s before it disintegrates, but it must be accelerated at less than 43 m/s^2 unless bound with teflon or steel casing (which will also vastly improve its aerodynamic and armor-penetration properties)
  1 the same as the originality of a monty python geek
  1 It is 3.14159265359, no, it's African... so it's ... no wait... it doesn't say what kind.. So which is it? African or European?? once i'm told this i can answer the question stated.. Jeez, i shouldn't have to know it, i'm not a king...
  1 African or European? Ha ha.
  1 I don't know AAAHHHHHH!!!
  1 Well, what do you mean, an African or a European swallow
  1 a little less than that of an unladen gulp
  1 Yellow...I mean green
  1 Easter or Africon
  1 "stelmon 5!!!!!" i cry bitterly as the tears run down my face... "i ask for king arthur, and you drop coconuts on my poor little head, you murderous bunny!"
  1 flying backwards or forwards?
  1 Which do you mean, an African or European swallow?
  1 North American or European?
  1 not that good at English
  1 What's your favorite color? Wrong!
  1 Is that a tea-spoon or a tablespoon?
  1 you and me plus women upside down and sideways....
  1 depends on the breed
  1 the quick brown fox jumped over the lazy dogs!
  1 I got laid yesterday, but I cant' remember.
  1 92.876 landmarks per hour
  1 I should know. this is a library after all.
  1 not as fast as a miltary jet ...
  1 faster than a speeding 8086...
  1 African or european swallow.. i owould have to say 42
  1 i have no idea!:-O
  1 it has absolutely nothing to do with the larch
  1 Super duper fast
  1 only monty python knows
  1 Poor bird didn't get laid?
  1 as fast as you chuck it ?
  1 Faster than a V.fast modem..
  1 too fast to be determined
  1 is this from Monty Python?
  1 I don't remember
  1 It varies from bird to bird.
  1 africian or europian?
  1 i don't know (or care)
  1 african and european
  1 how much does it weight?
  1 42.6feet per mile
  1 Does it spit too?
  1 bthhhht stupid frenchie
  1 frican or european
  1 Is she pregnant?
  1 i study reptiles not birds
  1 Sea or tree one?
  1 a european or african?
  1 Enough to splatter terds!
  1 my blue jays are faster! (-especially when chasing the errant *PEANUT!*)
  1 10 x 10
  1 What kind of swallow? Africian or European?
  1 check in the mouth of a squirrel
  1 -20 if you account for the gravity wells. (you must get tired of the SAME answer, right?)
  1 6.02 x 10^-24
  1 What do you mean? Is that an African or a European swallow?
  1 The African or European?
  1 the european swallow or the african swallow?
  1 It depends, is it European, or African
  1 Mediteranain, or Eastern European?
  1 african or eurapean?
  1 african or european bitch?
  1 Europeon or African?
  1 is that an african or europeon swallow ?????????
  1 hey, that was the little bird!
  1 Not gona tell you. :)
  1 african or european (yes this is her son )
  1 European of Arfican?
  1 Up to 37 mph.
  1 Wha... I don't know that!
  1 faster than YOU
  1 european or aisian?
  1 He told me about this question but I forget if you are asking about a French or indian swallow.
  1 about 15 miles/sec.
  1 African or euro?
  1 southern or europeon?
  1 Depends on if it is frozen and what sort of cannon it was fired out of. Europeans make gooood cannons
  1 Well, is it Africian or European?
  1 depends on the air current
  1 the latest from the skunk works - mach 10.10
  1 11 meters second / 24 MPH
  1 An Indian Swift flies at 200mph.
  1 What kind of swallow, African or European?
  1 AfAfrican or European?
  1 100 miles stupit
  1 European or Egyptian?
  1 Please refer to http://deeptht.armory.com/swallow.html
  1 i dont know10
  1 not too fast..
  1 get back to me.
  1 10 M/sec (Metric)
  1 Unlkade or unlucky?
  1 Man. Lay off the drugs, man...
  1 an african swallow or european?
  1 I have no idea... :)
  1 african of europiean
  1 Slower than one carrying a cocanut
  1 I never expected that!
  1 3 times the velocity of a crashing deepthought
  1 What do you mean? aor european swallaow?
  1 in the green-green room there was a green telephone...
  1 30 mil per hour
  1 *grin* african or european?
  1 dead or alive?
  1 French or American?
  1 49 x 3
  1 a european or an african?
  1 Depends on the swallow.
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